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Puppy Mixture

Interactive Rope Ball

Interactive Rope Ball

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Introducing our Interactive Rope Ball, the perfect solution for maintaining your furry friend's dental health and providing hours of engaging playtime!

  • Dental Health and Hygiene: Our dog balls are specially designed to help clean your pet's teeth and prevent plaque and tartar build-up. With every playful chew, your dog will enjoy improved oral hygiene, promoting healthier gums and fresher breath.
  • Premium Non-Toxic Natural Rubber: Crafted from high-quality, non-toxic natural rubber material, these tough and durable dog balls are built to last. Unlike PVC and TPR alternatives, our rubber balls are healthier and more puncture-resistant, ensuring a safe and long-lasting play experience.
  • Interactive Puzzle Toy Design: Enhance your pet's mental agility with our ingenious puzzle toy balls. These balls can be stuffed with your pet's favorite snacks, adding an exciting element of surprise during playtime. Your pets will readily accept this toy, making it one of the best dog toys for combating boredom.
  • IQ Training for Endless Fun: Our smart IQ training toys are not just for dogs; they are suitable for cats and puppies too! Use them as fetch play balls for outdoor games, providing a fun and stimulating exercise routine. Additionally, these toys help deter puppy dogs from chewing on household items.
  • Suitable for All Dogs: Our rubber teething cleaning toys cater to all breeds and sizes. From small and medium dogs to even large aggressive chewers, these balls are available in two sizes (diameter: 5, 6 and 7 cm). No matter the dog, they will find joy and satisfaction in playing with these high-quality balls.

Invest in our Interactive Rope Ball today and gift your beloved pets with the perfect combination of dental care and playful entertainment. Your furry companions will thank you for it!


  • Small = 5 cm (Ball diameter)
  • Medium = 6 cm (Ball diameter)
  • Large = 7 cm (Ball diameter)
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